My Priorities

Affordable Housing: The origins of the housing crisis go back decades to when national policies undermined investment in affordable housing. I will work with county officials to crack down on corporate short-term rentals, incentivize the creation of affordable multi-family dwellings, and the conversion of vacant houses and buildings into homes.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development: Situated between New York City and Albany, Ulster County is ideal for further developing the tourism industry, family farms, and high-tech jobs. I will push for investment in clean energy, the arts, and our lakes, parks, and trails, creating jobs while also protecting the environment for future generations

Rail and Freight Safety: Rumbling through our county are toxic trains that are direct threats to our residents. Railroad companies are secretive about the chemicals they carry. I believe freight companies, like CSX, should at the very least, be required to disclose the hazardous contents of its trains and I will push to create higher rail safety standards.

Addressing the Mental Health and Addiction Crises: Opioid overdoses rose in Ulster County in 2022. We must provide effective treatment to people suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. Working across party lines, I will expand services in the community, including our public schools, and bring back mental health beds to our county.

Transportation: Current transportation provided by Ulster County Area Transit is increasingly utilized by county residents. However,  such service is limited to particular fixed routes. UCAT’s current service area should be expanded geographically to cover both urban and rural areas. Increasing transportation access will assist individuals with accessing employment opportunities and essential health services, as well as increase inclusion of all County residents in public activities and services currently restricted to those living along the fixed routes UCAT covers.

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